Friday Afternoon Seminar

This is a (virtual) seminar on topics related to automata and logic happening every two months. You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

The next seminar is on April 9th 2021 at 14:00 (Warsaw time zone) given by James Worrell
and chaired by Guillermo Alberto Perez.


14:00 — 14:05— Introduction —
14:05 — 15:20James Worrell: On the first-order theory of real exponentiation (part 1)
15:20 — 15:30— Discussion —
15:30 — 15:50— Break —
15:50 — 17:05James Worrell: On the first-order theory of real exponentiation (part 2)
17:05 — 17:25— Discussion —

We give a tutorial overview of the result of MacIntyre and Wilkie that the first-order theory of the reals with exponentiation is decidable assuming Schanuel's Conjecture. In the first half of the talk we describe the decision procedure for the existential fragment of the logic. The second half of the talk deals with effective model completeness, allowing us to reduce the general decision problem to the existential fragment.


Wojciech CzerwiƄski
Filip Mazowiecki