This is a seminar with a new format. In 2020 a lot of seminars and conferences changed to virtual events, keeping us up to date with the current research. However, most of the talks on such seminars and conferences are 20-30 minutes, at most one hour long. Sometimes this is not enough time to introduce technical details to the broader audience. We feel that a series of good in-depth theoretical lectures are important with long term benefits to our community.

Therefore, we have decided to organise the Friday Afternoon Seminar, with the following properties:
  • presenting theory with mathematical connections, connected to our community field;
  • presented by an excellent speaker, expert in the area, but the content does not have to be a result of the speaker;
  • with a focus on one or two techniques rather than a survey or a sequence of results;
  • preferably connected to some interesting open problem;
  • organised only five times a year: every first or second Friday around 14:00 (Warsaw time zone) of even numbered months (except for August in the summer).

Join us

We encourage you to join us and advertise this idea if you like it. To receive announcements and zoom links register to the mailing list.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact one of the organisers.